Day 1 – Wake up and smell the barge

After finally assembling all of the  materials I needed to get started, I sat down in my garage this morning and started building Audrey II.

For the first, smallest iteration of Audrey II, I used a small flower pot, and designed leaves that can open and close to reveal the flower inside.  This is my answer to the “growing” effect.

nom nom....

Leaves closed.

Om nom nom!

Paper prototype with leaves open…

I started with paper leaves to get an idea of the size they would need to be, and to fine tune the opening and closing mechanism. For this version, I taped thread to one side of each leaf and threaded all the threads through a hole in the bottom of the pot. This gave me an idea of where the strings needed to be placed, and how well the effect would work.

Polyfoam leaf closed.

When I was satisfied with that, I cut out one leaf in 1/2″ poly foam. I sewed 20 lb test clear fishing line to bias tape, which was then

barged to the leaf.

Leaf open.

To pull the leaf open, the line was threaded through a drinking straw wedged between the leaf and the pot, and then threaded through the bottom of the pot.

Nest step; the flower!


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4 responses to “Day 1 – Wake up and smell the barge

  1. So will you be around to operate your creations or are you just building? It has been a while since you puppet ed on the Kelsey Stage.

  2. They moved the start date for filming back to September, so I probably won’t be able to do it if I do get on… and they keep saying we’ll find out “soon”. :/

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