Welcome to the office

My very professional workspace.

I was having some serious vasovagal issues today, so sitting on the floor was not an option. Thus this silly little card table work station was born.

I started to go forward on the little pot today, but quickly ran into the obstacle of space; after putting all of the leaves in, there isn’t much room left in the interior. So, that sent me back to the drawing board.
After some thought and research, I’ve decided to stiffen some fabric with glue and form the petals out of that. In this particular plant, the petals don’t have to do anything, and really just need to be visible. I also planned on covering them with fabric anyway, so this way they’ll look the same as the later models.

iPad sketch of the little pot.


I also managed to cut the leaves for the 2nd pot. This is the one that has to be operated by Seymor through a hole in the back while a fake arm holds the pot. I’m going to use wire to train the leaves down over the edge of the pot and up in the back to cover the awkward shoulder situation.

The problem I’m looking at with this one is cutting the hole in the plastic pot. This is the kind of time where I wish I was back at Cooper and could just go down to the machine shop and jig saw a hole in this thing. The plan is looking like drill a hole in it big enough to fit a hack saw blade through, then jury-rig a handle on the blade.

My little Audrey is growing up!

Also, I’m planning on doing some fun blacklight effects with this, so my next big purchase will be Wildfire paint and a blacklight!

Stay tuned for more fun!



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