Audrey gets oral surgery

After a few failed attempts to create the shape I wanted for the head, I cheated and took apart a ball to make a pattern. 


Don’t worry though, I took care to avoid destroying Chris Hemsowrths beautiful face. 

Mmmm... Thor.

After that it was fairly simple to trace, cut and barge together the top and bottom of Audreys head.


You’ll also notice that the leaves have some shape and curvature to them. I grabbed some floral wire and threaded it through the foam to give it some structure and allow it to be bent into more interesting three dimensional shapes. I wound up putting the wire in the pattern of veins in the leaves because, as it turns out, that’s a really useful placement. Plus, if any of it shows once it’s painted, it’ll just look more like a leaf. 

Speaking of painting, it turns out that my air brush and compressor aren’t compatible, so I’ll need to go find an adapter. 

Next step is to track down fabric for the flower and to start painting!


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