In which Audrey listens to Coldplay… alot

So I was that kid with my blacklight in Joann Fabrics the other day scrutinizing the spandex. I did find a green florescent spandex, and a yellow florescent cotton… but I was really going for a yellow spandex, which will be much more forgiving when I sew it around the awkward shape of Audreys head.  

And this is where the title comes in to the story. I’ve been listening to Coldplay on shuffle for a few days, and as I was stitching the yellow spandex in place, my ipod saw fit to play every single version of the song “Yellow” that I own…. which is surprisingly many. 


At which point he started looking a bit like a silly yellow hard hat. 

Today I used glue and a little bit of water to stiffen the purple lining fabric that will be Audrey II’s petals. After thoroughly soaking the fabric, I placed it over some plastic to dry with some texture and curvature. In the petals for the 2nd pot, I also included wire between 2 layers of fabric so that the petals can be arranged a little bit.


Speaking of the 2nd pot, I finally punched a hole in it! With….. a razor blade. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. Hopefully it’s big enough, I’ve been sticking my own arm in there for reference, but as my arm is approximately the size of that of a two year old, but I tried to make it sufficiently large for a real person. And I padded it with foam and duct tape so Seymor won’t sue me for pot related scratches. 

I have decided to go with gardening gloves instead of a fake hand on the 2nd pot, and I’m going to wait until someone is actually cast to finish those parts. 


After completing everything I could on the first 2 pots without my airbrush, I went to Home Depot to stock up on some supplies. I’m going to try and use the braided copper wire to create a structure for the next two levels, but I’ve really been freaking out about the these designs. I mean, like waking up in the middle of the night with mini panic attacks freaking out. I’m going to have to sit down and figure all of this out tomorrow. Wish me luck! 


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