In which Monty Python figures heavily…

After several days of panic, and a ton of research, I finally dove into building the 3rd plant. I recently bought 20 ft of 7 strand copper wire, which I unraveled into 40 ft of 3 and 4 strand copper wire, which I used to build this:


The idea behind this being that the 3rd plant will need some structure to support itself while it’s being violently puppeteered. I’m planning on sewing the foam shell to the frame and otherwise reinforcing the form to keep it from collapsing in on itself. 

ImageI don’t know if this is cheating, but I scanned my pattern from my earlier plant and enlarged it on my computer. The largest size I could print it in without using some other program (I was feeling lazy) was still a bit too small for the frame, so I used it as a model to hand scale the pattern to the size I needed. When I got it cut and glued, it looked a little something like this: 


Which couldn’t help but remind me of this: (Skip ahead to about 3:00 ish). 

Now I have to trim, frame, cover and basically finish this. Yikes! 


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