In which Audrey II acquires a taste for blood….

So, a lot has happened in the past few days. After I put together the shell of the 3rd plant, I trimmed it up and got it stitched to the frame with fishing line. 

ImageSomewhere in this process I managed to razor blade myself in the bicep. Not a deep cut, mind you, but one that wouldn’t stop bleeding until I staunched the wound with a magical unicorn bandaid. Still, I fear it was too late, and Audrey II has tasted human blood.

The past few days have been rather challenging in terms of weather, so I wound up doing a lot of sewing which is tedious, but can take place in air conditioned comfort. 

ImageWhile covering the shell in yellow spandex, I made myself some matching accessories, always fashion conscious, even in the face of extreme puppetry . 

ImageThe middle plant is now covered in spandex, and is starting to look good. It still needs to be lined with black jersey material, with an opening so it can eat some assorted small bits. 

ImageI also got to work on the petals for the 3rd plant. For the 2 smaller versions, the petals are just made of stiffened fabric, but for this version, since they have to be much larger, I essentially sewed sleeves for foam petals so they function like giant pillows. This went much faster than stitching the shells up because I was able to do it on the sewing machine… well, when I wasn’t breaking and fixing the sewing machine. 

Now I’m sort of at an impasse. My missing airbrush part finally got here, but they sent the wrong part. So a new one is on the way, along with my new shipment of foam, and the yellow spandex that wasn’t in stock in the store…… so I can’t paint, pattern or sew until everything gets here. 

Well, at least everything is going ahead of schedule!


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