In which my airbrush fails me yet again…

While I didn’t have materials to move forward, I started working on 10 little hand puppets for the finale made out of all the leftover chunks of foam. They kinda look like little yarmulkes. 


Everything sort of fell into place at once, I received my foam, fabric and airbrush part all on the same day, so work has progressed on the plant. 
Unfortunately, after 2 attempts to get my airbrush to work, I finally get it working, to find that it’s temperamental and only has a very narrow spray. I.e. it takes forever to paint a small area, not including the time you spend trouble shooting the damn thing. So I gave up on the airbrush for the time being, and painted everything with the same watered down acrylics I had been airbrushing with. 

ImageNow all the leaves and petals for the first 2 plants are painted, so all that needs to be done there is assembly. And teeth. I want to add teeth to the 2nd plant.

Painting the 3rd plant should be time consuming, but not impossible. 

I also went to Toys R Us the other day and bought 8 hula hoops to frame the final plant. I’m getting fairly excited about starting that build because it involves power tools. 🙂



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