In which Audrey II is bigger than hula hoops…

I started out today painting the 3rd plant.

ImageTa da! It’s kinda hard to see right now because it’s laying on it’s face in the, erm… curb stomp position. It’s almost completely painted except for the areas around edge that it’s laying on, which will have to be touched up.

ImageThen I proceeded to assemble the top half of the structure for the fourth plant. Those hula hoops are really hard to break apart! I smacked myself pulling on one, and broke a few razor blades prying the seam apart, and finally had to resort to a combination of drill and hacksaw to get them apart. To be honest, it’s something of a miracle that I haven’t lost any appendages yet seeing as I’m walking around barefoot using power tools and breaking razor blades.

Anyway, it came together sort of freestyle and all at once. I’ve worked with both artists and engineers, and the main difference between the two seem to be in the planning. Engineers will sit down and draw 7 different schematics of something, editing it 90 times before they build it, while artists will jump into a project with only a vague plan of attack- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. What I’ve found is that I’m somewhere in the middle. I made a few sketches, and had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do, but then when I started building, it was mostly improvised. 

ImageI also sewed a sleeve out of the black jersey material and hand stitched it into the back of the 2nd plant to hide the actors arm. 

ImageThen I sewed the petals onto the back of the 2nd plant. Now the whole sleeve/pod/petals unit is all one piece that can slip over the actors arm in the pot. I just need to attach the leaves to the pot and add some teeth!


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