In which I do great big stuff…

I’m so close to done I can taste it! It’s so awesome seeing things come together, and with each additional piece I finish, I get a little more of the big picture. 



The roll of foam I’ve been working with (the 2nd one for this project) is 80″ wide, i.e. the entire width of the smaller bay of my garage. Also, that pattern is made out of half an issue of the Wall Street Journal.



Here are the leaves for #3 with the floral wire sewn on. You know, I went to get specifically floral wire thinking it would be green, but did you know that 12 gauge floral wire only comes in silver, bronze and black? Why do you call it FLORAL WIRE if it doesn’t come in green!? At any rate, these sides aren’t going to be visible, so it’s not terrible. 
Also, those leaves with just the V of wire on them are going to get straps attached to them so that they cover the puppeteers legs. I spent some time sitting on the seat (an upturned bucket in a large plant pot, very classy), trying to figure this out today and looking very silly.


I then sprayed the bad sides green with a spray bottle (ghetto airbrush) with watered down acrylic paint strained through a coffee filter. It actually covers really really nice. 


I also stitched floral wire to the foam pieces for the petals for #3. These will go inside the “pillow cases” I sewed earlier, which still need to be painted.

To do list:

  • Stitch pillow cases closed
  • Paint leaves
  • Sew pillow cases for #4
  • Sew wire for #4 petals
  • Paint petals for #3 and #4
  • Attach linings for mini plants
  • Cut and paint large fabric leaves 

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