In which there is so much sewing….

Since you last saw me, I’ve finished patterning and sewing ALL of the petals. That’s 5 each for the 3rd and 4th plants which amounts to a ton of machine and hand sewing that’s been keeping me up all hours watching bizarre TV shows.


Obviously, the final petals are freakin’ huge! Each one got a machine sewed “pillow case” that was left open at the top so I could wrestle in the foam part and stitch it shut by hand. Each petal was then sprayed with purple florescent paint and hand painted with some pink accents.

The next step was leaves for the biggest plant. The 106″ wide quilting fabric took up more room than was available in the carpeted section of my living room.


I wound up cutting 6 leaves of various sizes, and then a few smaller leaves that I’m going to paint a darker color and lay over the bigger leaves. I also saves some of the scraps to use as vines to wind around the stand and make it look more organic. In this picture you get an idea for the size of the leaves and petals for the final plant as compared to the little guy on the floor.

Then tonight I spent a bunch of time stitching petals to the 3rd plant. The leaves at the top didn’t have the stiffness they really needed to stand up because the best gauge floral wire I could find was 12, so I stitched coat hangers to the back of the leaves. The hook part of the hanger is towards the bottom, so to stand the leaves up, the hooks can be attached to the wire frame of the plant, which is pretty cool. Then they can fold flat for storage and transport. I’ll probable have to do something similar to the big petals.

To do list:

  • Attach petals to large plant
  • Paint large leaves
  • Put linings in mini plants
  • Get jacket for Seymour




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