In which I invent plant pants…

That’s right, Plant Pants.


Basically, this is 2 leaves with straps which tie around the puppeteers calves and a belt. The puppeteer would put on the plant pants before sitting down on the pot stool (wow, gotta come up with a better name for that) and putting the 3rd Audrey II in their lap. The plant pants totally cover the puppeteers legs (I would recommend wearing green pants underneath though), so they can move them around during the song.

I also spent the day spraying some of my leaves a darker green, and subsequently turning into a minor Game of Thrones character.


I also made a very important discovery: barge melts plastic cups.


These are the little pots for the girls to hold in that last scene with Skip Snip (I could only find ceramic pots and I was afraid they’d break, so I used bright cups that will look good with the plants). Anyway, I barged the leaves to the inside of the cups, and this is the result. That’s the plastic of the cup bubbling. Also, somehow the green paint from the leaves soaked through.

I also started this little science project. I’m soaking highlighters in bleach to create a really cool treatment for the leaves. Basically, the bleach leaches color from the fabric and replaces it with the highlighter ink, which is blacklight florescent. Hopefully that will work.

I also went thrift shop searching for a jacket for Seymour today, and didn’t have much luck. I did get a bright yellow jacket for $2 from a thrift store that was going out of business, but it turns out that it’s a lady’s jacket, so…. oops. Since I have very limited time, I’m going to create the arm and hand and leave the jacket search up to the costumer.

To do list:

  • Sew leaves
  • Assemble the 4th plant
  • Put lining in the mini plants
  • Create fake arm and hand



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