In which it has sharp pointy teeth…

I played dentist a bit and made a handful of pointy foam teeth for Audrey II 3&4.


Which, of course reminded me of this:

You’ll also notice that I solved the problem of the transparent black curtain- you can no longer see the puppeteer.


That green Kermit colored fabric? That’s a flannel bed sheet from when I was in elementary school. I’ll take the time now to apologize in advance to the puppeteer who has to be in this thing. The foam retains heat like no other, and stitching that flannel in was torture!
On the bright side, it gives the inside of the plant a really neat green glow, so it’s actually “Somewhere That’s Green”.


I also made this bleach paint the other day. It’s about 6 ounces of bleach with highlighter ink mixed in. The secret, I found is to hacksaw the crap out of the highlighters and pull out the ink core.


I then Jackson Pollock’d the bleach/highlighter mixture all over these leaves, leaving spots anywhere from white to green, which looked pretty cool.


Unfortunately, my favorite paintbrush disintegrated in the process.


I sewed the little dyed leaves onto the big leaves with some texture, so now there won’t just be giant expanses of green.


I also made this arm. It’s essentially just rolled up foam in a basic sleeve attached to a foam-stuffed glove. It can be put in a jacket sleeve and attached to a pot for #2.

To do list:

  • Attach petals to #4
  • Attach teeth to #3
  • Hand off everything!!

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