In which Audrey II finally comes to life!

As of this afternoon, I can officially say that the build is finished!

It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to say I just completed my first solo puppet design gig!

Here’s the set of videos I made to give a little overview of the operation:

They’re pretty simple, but give you an idea of how the puppets work. I also included a little action clip of the 4th puppet.

Here are just a few final updates on the completion of the build:

The 3rd plant, for some reason eating all the mini plants. Teeth are now in place, and mini plants now have linings.


Propped up in my garage, obscuring an entire sedan. Teeth in place, crazy petal rig in place.

Everything looks great, and I’m psyched to hand it off on Wednesday so it can really start coming to life!



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